Mr. Naofumi Suzuki
Suzuyo (Thailand) Ltd.
Suzuyo Distribution Center (Thailand) Ltd.


         For over 200 years, “Suzuyo & Co.,Ltd.” has put effort to contribute to customers and local communities continuously. Our business activity in Thailand is still about 30 years, but by inherit the spirit of “TOMOIKI” deeply, which can be called as Suzuyo DNA, we are aiming to be a good corporate citizen.

         “Suzuyo (Thailand) Ltd.” and “Suzuyo Distribution Center (Thailand) Ltd” are connected very closely to provide, Import and Export Customs Clearance, Forwarding, Nationwide Delivery and Warehouse Storage. Moreover, we accept Trading Activities for import and export as well. We will respond and satisfy your needs so, please feel free to contact us.

         By providing “higher value than price”, “changes in economic rational system”, always study diligently to satisfy expectations of our customers. In order to implement it, each employee must have encouraged to work on a daily basis with the awareness and responsibility that their behaviors are products. So, we are committed to provide any type of education and training for them.

         Finally, if these actions lead to the stability and prosperity of the Kingdom of Thailand, it is a part of “TOMOIKI” that we aim for.

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