Company Policy 2020

Management Philosophy

  “TOMOIKI” (Symbiosis)

     – with the Society

     – with Customers and Business Partners

     – among Employees and Group Companies


  1. To pay much attentions to Social, Environment and Governance through daily business.
  2. To provide reasonable solutions for business challenges of Customers by integrated services of Logistics and Trading.
  3. To increase happiness of employees by balancing working time and private life. 

 Basic Guidelines

  1. No anti-social activities. Do the right things.
  2. Be a good citizen. Grow your people.
  3. Think for yourself. Use your brain. You care because you are accountable.
  4. Encourage active investments and research necessary for your business.
  5. Internal reserves contribute to corporate sustainability.
  6. Management and managers are the driving force of business activity.
  7. Build appropriate relationships with external interests and stakeholders based on the spirit of “TOMOIKI.”
  8. Unify our sense of purpose in order to enhance the effectiveness of our management.
  9. Put your duties into practice properly in line with the basics of organizational activity.
  10. Engage in fair and highly transparent personnel management at all times.
  11. Maintenance of workplace discipline is the basis of organizational activity.
  12. Development of human resources is crucial as the starting point of corporate management.

Environment, and Occupational Health and safety

  1. Protect the environment.
  2. Commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health.
  3. Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce Occupation Health and Safety risks.
  4. Commitment to fulfil legal requirements and other requirements.
  5. Continuous improvement to enhance Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety performance.


( Mr.Naofumi Suzuki )